Held Friday, September 1 – This is an event to showcase the Waterfront Bayou Business District, enjoy the super fun 5K, enjoy food/drink specials, collect wristbands by visiting participating businesses (no purchase necessary), followed by raffle drawing with awesome prizes at closing party.

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• Participants start/finish 5K at Waterfront Park.
• Immediately following the 5K participants begin the traveling after party (via looping KIA Trolley – Waterfront park to Whiskey River and stops along the way) by visiting participating businesses to collect wristbands, and for specials.
• Participants must turn in wristbands for raff le tickets by 9:15pm at Whiskey River closing party (upstairs).
• The prizes will be raff led at 9:30pm.
• Before the 6:45pm 5K start time, participants can park at Whiskey River, and via KIA Trolley ride to Waterfront Park.

Sponsors are needed to help make this event SUPER FUN!

• YOUR Logo on all promotional materials – Flyers, cards, ads, registration webpage, facebook, social media
• YOUR Logo BIG Finish Line Arch & Banner at Raff le Drawing
• YOUR marketing materials participants goodie bag
• YOUR company name announced at event start and finish, raffle give away closing party
• Facebook ads promoting the event with YOUR logo
• A flyer to post • Postcards to handout

• 2 weeks prior (or earlier) you provide us a description of the ‘Special’ (Free Sample Drink Special – i.e. (mini) mixed shot, or free beer sample, a discounted drink – or Food Special
• You’ll educate your staff about people wearing 5K race bibs receive your ‘special’ drink or food, and a wristband (we’ll provide them) which 5K participants will turn in for raff leentry by 9:15 pm at the closing party.

That’s it! This will be SUPER FUN!