city election postThe Bayou Business Association (BBA) Members are eagerly awaiting the results of the upcoming City of Port Richey council election. With the substantial fiscal community development and impending growth related issues facing the City, it is critical that the elected council members have the required leadership and fortitude to take on the challenge. It is the hope of Bayou Business Association to work hand-in-hand with the newly elected council members and the present council to help push forward the many community improvement projects that we are working on. Additionally, the BBA will continue to help in any way to bring about short, mid, and long term financial stability and vitality to the City.

The proper governance and leadership of City Council is an integral factor in the ongoing progress of the issues facing the City today. During an election period you always hear about candidate’s positons and promises about what the candidate plans to do if there are elected. In truly understanding the candidate and leadership choice in front of us, there is always going to be uncertainty when there are incumbents and non-incumbents. The decision to choose a candidate should derive from facts and past results.

The reality is that the City is heading into the next fiscal year facing some very tough budgetary considerations. Certain members of the current City Council say that they don’t see any way around a millage rate increase in dealing with the impending City budget shortfalls. It has also been the City’s long-term fiscal policy to use the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency funds to balance the City’s annual operational budget. The City currently has a legal position to use the funds in the manner it chooses. The Florida Redevelopment Association is an authority on the subject and they say CRA funds are intended to provide the tools needed to foster and support redevelopment of a targeted area. City residents need to decide if this is the kind of fiscal policy that the City Council should be adhering to. Residents need to choose the right leadership to govern fiscal policy.

The BBA has listened to residents and association members talk about the past history within the city. Some people feel that the city has not done enough over the years to prepare for its future. This realization has added to a feeling of compliancy or apathy involving an ongoing lack of investment and attention to the City’s infrastructure. The BBA has offered to help the city with related infrastructure such as fishing piers, the public boat ramp and public restrooms. The association members are hoping that with the right leadership in place, City Council can begin to reverse some of these trends and start to wisely invest in our community. Together we can create a community that we all can be proud of. One that supports the quality of life that we desire on Florida’s premier Gulf Coast.

The Bayou Business Association calls upon all of our resident supporters to be engaged in this process and vote in Tuesday’s municipal election on April 14, 2015. The association asks citizens to carefully consider the issues facing the City when electing the appropriate leadership in order to continue furthering our City in the right direction. Please adhere to this forward thinking movement as the BBA helps drive the City of Port Richey into prosperity.